Blake Dake In Lady Killer

Blake Lively and Diablo Cody to adapt ‘Lady Killer’ comic for Netflix

Netflix has made it clear that it does not intend to skimp on stars for its movies and series. The latest to join a project of the streaming giant has been the actress Blake Lively, who returns to the screen a year after The Rhythm of Vengeance, and the screenwriter Diablo Cody, currently in charge of the new Powerpuff Girls.

Lively will star and Cody will write Lady Killer, an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic book series signed by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, as reported by EW. For those unfamiliar with cartoons, Lady Killer follows Josie Schuller, a perfect 1950s housewife who leads a double life as a hitman. Without a doubt, a character who could end Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) with a stroke of the pen.

In addition to giving life to this lethal assassin, the Gossip Girl actress also signs as a producer of a film that brings to the platform the successful comic strip published for the first time in 2015, nominated for the prestigious Eisner Awards.

It is not the first comic by Joëlle Jones that interests a network for its adaptation; The CW, home of the Arrowverse, was developing a series based on Wonder Girl, Jones’ vignettes for DC, but decided not to go ahead with the project. For now, we look forward to this new film in which Lively will unleash her bloodiest side with a script by Diablo Cody.

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