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‘How I Met Your Father’ will be connected to ‘How I Met Your Mother’

The revival of Lizzie McGuire ended in borage water and with Hilary Duff quite frustrated to see how it did not take shape in the face of a premiere on Disney +, but in return, the actress and singer have been linked shortly after to another equally promising project: How I Met Your Father, spin-off of the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. The history of this project is equally busy since it was born shortly after the original series ended in 2014 with Greta Gerwig as creator and performer. This version never saw the light, but it seems that it will definitely do so with Duff in the title role.

Something that fills him with satisfaction, as he noted in a recent interview with SiriusXM . Little is known about the series other than that Duff would play a character named Sophie and the script would try to modernize the scaffolding of How I Met Your Mother by including elements such as dating apps, but the interpreter has just given a detail very significant: indeed, How I Met Your Father will take place in the same world as the original series, even with some cameos from characters we already know. So there will be a clear connection between the two shows.

“I do not want to reveal everything and the script has changed a little,” explained Duff in reference to the project that at the time had Gerwig as its promoter. “But yeah, there is a connection, and hopefully we’ll have fun stellar appearances from the original cast.” These cameos would still have to be managed, then, but otherwise, everything seems ready to roll. “There are great characters and I am going to have a whole television family. There are many opportunities for love stories in this series because it is Sophie and then three guys. We will go into the rabbit hole and ask ourselves ‘okay, who is the father?’

Do you remember this approach to New Girl, where Zooey Deschanel shared a flat with several men? It is possible: what we also know for sure is that New York will once again be the main scene of love misadventures and that How I Met Your Father will be released on Hulu. We still do not know how it would get to Spain, but the logical thing that it would be that it could disembark within the Star’s bosom on Disney +, a sub-catalog destined to host Hulu’s proposals farthest from the children’s audience. For the rest, there is still no release or filming date for How I Met Your Father .

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