Pakistani Student's Protest On Educational Insitute Monopoly

Pakistani Student’s Protest On Educational Institutes Monopoly

Pakistani students want to take exams online Most of them are asking if they are studying online courses so their exams should be online.
The hashtag #OnlineExamOrWeProtest has been trending on Twitter for more than 3 days. Students and meme-makers prepare memes at the Department of Education.
“Our children’s lives are more important than exams,” parents said on social media platforms.
Exams should be online because coronavirus is not ended, daily positive coronavirus cases arise and in our educational institutes there students, teachers & staff don’t follow the proper sop’s

Biostalkers shares with you some memes which are shared on Twitter

Hammed Khan shared a funny video on Twitter
How university plays with the student (Watch the amazing video on twitter)
He tweet, Our Education System give so much stress and frustration

Dr. Himmat Khan Tweet
Online Exam is our right give it peacefully or we will take it by force

Salman Khan Tweet
We want online exam, this is our right

Areeba’s Tweet
The syllabus is covered using online system then why not exams??
Anyone have an answer of this question then Comment it

Aimen Khan Tweet
The decision should be taken timely for the best interest of the country, Otherwise the
protestors would continue to protest till the recognition of the demands

Online Exam Vs Offline Exam

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