The warren file forced by the demon

The first trailer of ‘Warren File: Forced by the demon’: true crime, possessions, and Satan

The Warren universe runs its course. The saga of the most famous marriage of parapsychologists of our time, Lorraine and Ed Warren, has been generating great contemporary horror titles since 2013. Since James Wan directed the first installment, audiences have been able to enjoy and be terrified of its sequel and its spin-offs, which have made other characters in the saga famous, such as the Annabelle doll.

The Warren File: Forced by the Demon is the third installment in the main saga. It will hit theaters on June 4 and this is its third trailer.

What is ‘Warren File 3’ about?
This third part will not be directed by James Wan, but by Michael Chaves, director of La Llorona (2019). This director will be in charge, in his second feature film, and in his own words, to tell the “greatest adventure of the Warren, the darkest and most terrifying”. The Warrens will face the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the first case in a court in the United States in which the defendant’s defense used “demonic possession” as an innocence argument to obtain the acquittal of their client.

Until now the Warren couple had to fight in dark cellars, but for the first time, we will see them face their enemies between courtrooms, law offices, and police stations. The trailer seems to make it clear that what we will see will be a mixture of horror and true crime, a combination that is reminiscent of other iconic neo-noirs such as Seven (1995), of which James Wan has always declared himself a fan and also mixes detective stories with obscurantism.

“During the eighties,” adds Michael Chaves, “the Warrens were very active as legal advisers in paranormal cases. This is something that we have not seen in the movies yet, but that we wanted to tell from the beginning ”.

To top it off, the trailer doesn’t stop mentioning Satan as a direct threat to the Warrens’ interests. So far we may have seen our favorite couple of demonologists and mediums face lesser enemies, compared to what will happen in this third part. To discover all the details, it only remains to wait until June 4, when this highly anticipated closing of the trilogy opens in our country.

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