Bunny in short long hair singing song

The history of classical music according to cartoons

Symphony orchestras, large choral masses, Valkyries with horned helmets… The world of classical music can be intimidating, but animation director Vincent Alexander wants to remind us that we all already know many of its key pieces thanks to cartoons.

Throughout an immense twitter thread, Alexander has identified some of the classic works that have marked the history of the ‘cartoons’, either through the sound selections made by Carl Stalling for Looney Tunes or as the axis of shorts and memorable scenes.

Here you have a selection of his findings, all of them by great virtuosos of the ultraviolent as well as a refined gag. Pleasure for your ears … and non-stop laughter for your jaw.

Without going any further, the Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt appears interpreted by both Bugs Bunny as Tom and Jerry.

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