Henry Cavill's restored mustache in 'Justice League'

The ‘Mustache Cut’ of ‘Justice League’

At the time, the subject brought a lot of jokes. And not only because of the matter itself but because of the pasture that Warner had to leave to erase via CGI the mustache that Henry Cavill had grown for Mission: Impossible – Fallout. But, if in the end, the Justice League fans have had their Snyder Cut, why can’t we also have a Mustache Cut with Superman sporting his Kryptonian bozo?

Our wishes have been listened to, and the managers of the YouTube channel Sam and Niko have put themselves to it. The result is a video in which we discover all the advanced technology that needs to be put into operation by a handful of hairs.

Among various jokes (let’s not fool ourselves: the thing has fabric), the titanic task that its authors faced is clear. As they explain, the footage shot with that mustachioed Cavill remains unpublished (in the best of cases, it will be “somewhere in the Warner archives”), so the precious mustache must be reimplanted from scratch, based on pixels.

Thus, those responsible for this clip had to choose between different types of mustaches, make digital modeling of Cavill’s face and then animate the scenes so that the hair addition of yore had the light and movement that corresponds to it. Because a mustache is a very serious thing, and if it is Kryptonian, even more so.

The result is some scenes in which ‘Supes’ is more like our castizo Superl√≥pez than the character of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. But they have known us little, and now we claim a Mustache Cut with all the law. Does anyone dare to make an online petition to demand it?

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